x-root Software GmbH

*Jörg Naujoks – CEO


Our customers enjoy awesome individual software. Your Need: Really good software developers, who also have the necessary fairy dust for that little bit of magic in our development.

Jackpot! Welcome to x-root: We are digital pioneers, driven by authentic nerdiness. Since 1999 we have been navigating our customers through every digital storm to success. Our software teams work modularly and full-service – from planning to programming to deployment. Just in time. Exactly within your budget.


Your app should make the life of your target group better, become a real favorite app … That’s the idea. Before that you need support from some really good app experts?

Well then! Let’s talk about your development challenge. We are reliable counterparts for every internal or external mobile application. Backend? Interfaces? Within the scope of your cost and deadline specifications? No problem.


Your company generates a lot of big and small data. To use them, control and manage them profitably, you need a data expert.

Yes, we can help you turn wild data into lucrative business opportunities. Data consolidation, data structuring, data mining, database optimization, software development with large data volumes – this is where we are at home.

Why x-root?

Because we can.

Because your project is so important to us as if it were our own. And because you can rely on 20 entrepreneurial digital years. Our well coordinated teams of software and app developers, IT administrators, data management experts, project managers and Scrum Masters will lead your project to success.